Episode 44: Reunion Pt. 2 – You’re Definitely In A Plato’s Fetish Situation

In Part 2 of 3, continuing to plow through both a heap of booze and their overdue backlog of post-hiatus topics, Josh and Jesse cover grilled cheese, canine ardor, bumming cigarettes, Pixar’s “Cars”, Plato’s parable of the cave, and lint trap disasters.

Music: Strange Transgressors by Drunk Horse

Episode 41: Branches in my Mind Tree

We welcome one-time pinch-hitter co-host Jessamyn West back for a strange format-breaking mash-up episode. Scramble to keep the conversational branches straight in your Mind Tree as we blur the lines between podcast and mixtape, featuring such inadvertently self-referential conversational tracks as threaded comments, date/time confusion, drug experimentation, and editing a podcast into vignettes — as well as marginally less-meta subjects as jury duty, chicken coops, and what the damn deal is with “milquetoast”.

Episode 40: Release the Dongle, Josh Boykin

minibeer2Josh Boykin of Intelligame.us and fellow Outpost cohabitant bikes on over to the Crapshoot basement for a spirited chat about video games and tangentially related topics (including shitheadconomics, Maslow’s hierarchy of problems, government cheese, watermelon beer, and grocery store illuminati). But first, Jesse returns from Peru, Josh returns from Disneyland, and, reunited, we struggle to quaff miniature novelty beer.


Episode 39: The Cold November Rain On Stardew Valley

bradsucks_2016-Mar-16We’re thrilled to welcome Brad back to the show for a deep dive on Stardew Valley. On the way, we also touch on Moshow the Cat Rapper, Stovokor, Axl Rose, Bee and Puppycat, Kickstarter entitlement syndrome, Undertale disruption, Josh’s impending spin-off podcast Quarter Quorner, John Campbell, blind-fire delivering psychology services, a series of tweets that Jesse never got over, veterinary rackets, Andre Agassi, getting involved in an ass tattoo, signatures versus Signature signatures, living in the formative and evolutionary age of video games, and what kind of murderer you would be.

Episode 38: Johnathan Korn Is My Father

Punctuality, nicknames, buying beer, parking lot favors, panhandling strategy, falling off the wagon, carbs, ghee, legalizing weed, MMOs, the metafilter gopher server (Jesse’s memory was right!) and the brand-new XOXO Outpost creative space. Our increasingly inevitable video game chat rounds out the episode as expected, touching on Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quake 1, America’s Army, Firewatch, Beyond: Two Souls, XCOM, and discussing a bit about shooting mechanics, pacing, playtime gates, achievements, and how a game designer doles out new gameplay tweaks over the course of a campaign.

Episode 37: Crapshoot NA (Ride the Dragon, Fuck the Wagon)

Topics today include Jesse’s guest spot on the Metafilter Podcast, non-alcoholic beer, meager money management skills, Star Wars Merchandising, the Cereal King, wasting a melody, “padcasts,” show etiquette, Lost, and Skinner boxes. Video games we talk about include Idle Paws and clicker games, Minesweeper, Hexcells, Grayout, Rocket League, The Last of Us, Dishonored, and Beyond: Two Souls.

Episode 36: Kind of a Mandelbrot Western

Another episode recorded next to a loud furnace, this time you can find us hollering about hug dynamics, vocal fry, bad recording technique, the “that’s my new band name” joke, statistically unlikely colocations, Hawaiian vacation, solemnizing weddings, a meta-conversation about podcast topics, thank you for contacting metafilter, Jesse’s surprise award-winning childhood, Dune, Star Wars Machete Order revisited, and, unsurprisingly, Star Trek.

Alternate episode titles:
36: Pull the Ripcord
36: Like a Shitty Magellan
36: Until That Joke Gets Tired Five Years Ago
36: I Have Pain In My Panis
36: Getting Either Real or Lost
36: Boobs McGee in the Catsuit
36: Deus Max Zackzina
36: A Coherent Manifold of Skin
36: He’s a Hugger