Episode 2: Moon men throwing baseballs at the sun

In our sophomore outing (on right after Kent’s Catcast), it’s just your two cohosts, drinking beer and tackling a bunch of life’s tough questions, like: do kids know what a CRT is? What will 30th century anthropologists make of podcasts about Hellraiser? How do you do a mixtape right? What’s the deal with indie video games? And, hey, could a person standing on the moon throw a baseball into the sun?

And a lot more. Remember Myst? We do. We talk about that a bit.

Bumper music this time is a few old shortish weird things Josh has recorded: Have Yourself A Walken Little Christmas, Town in a Lake (a song written by Jessamny West about the time Randolph, VT was misplaced by Google Maps), and the Aural Times non-classic Ernesto! Ernesto! Ernesto!.

The theme song from Kent’s Catcast is, of course, an excerpt of Bach’s Bourrée in E minor that he’s taught his cats to sing.

If you want to check them out, the video games we mentioned included Gone Home, Dear Esther, and Braid, and the podcast episodes on Cabin in the Woods are Jesse’s In the Cut: This Majestic, You Know, Merman and Josh’s We Have Such Films to Show You: Cabin in the Woods.

Episode 1: EAT POOP TEA and other palindromes, with Mark Saltveit

 In our debut episode of The Crapshoot, we sit down and bullshit for an hour with local comedian, writer, and world champion palindromist Mark Saltveit about sentences that go backwards AND forwards, his new football philosophy book The Tao of Chip Kelly, what a big screwup Upton Sinclair was, and how none of us seem to know how to pronounce words correctly.

We also workshop a joke, make some questionable “eagle” puns, hear Mark’s palindroming origin story, and develop the first thumbnail sketches of a theory that every great accomplishment  was actually a failed effort to get people to eat more cod.