Holiday Break

Ahoy! The Crapshoot is on a brief hiatus while we deal with various pandemoniums. We will be back in a couple weeks for more boozin’ and chattin’ to wrap up 2013. Thanks!

Welcome to The Crapshoot!

Hi there!  Welcome to the website for our new podcast project, The Crapshoot.  We’ve been putting this together over the last several weeks and are really excited to finally toss it out into the world and let people hear what we’ve been cooking up.

“We” being Josh Millard and Jesse Holden (of which more below); we started The Crapshoot out of a mutual love of bullshitting and based on positive experiences with our own respective movie-related podcasts (again, below).  We both like talking, we like talking to/at each other, folks like listening: why not do a bit more of that? And here we are.

But unlike our topic-specific movie podcasts, The Crapshoot is a podcast about nothing in particular, and is comprised of all the interesting things we and our sometimes-guests can think of to say about (and make terrible jokes about) whichever bits of that nothing are on the table that week.

Listen in as we discuss: palindromes! Beer! Mixtapes! Anxiety! Internet anthropology! Additional beer! Filmmaking! Video games! That weird noise that you hear sometimes when somebody’s phone is going off near a speaker! Now maybe some bourbon! And that’s just in the first couple episodes.

Plus we’ll throw in a little bit of music.  And since we’re bad at setting our podcasting tivos you may end up hearing a little bit of the podcasts that are on before ours.

We’ve got a lot of interesting people we’re planning to have on the show, Portlanders and out-of-towners both, and we’ve got a whole grab-bag of nothings in particular to discuss and deconstruct, and, well, here’s Jesse now with a sixpack of something cold and beery, so we’ll get right down to it and hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.

A little more about your hosts

josh-selfie Josh Millard is a musician and misc. creative type who lives in Portland, OR and works as one of the moderators of the community website Metafilter, where he goes by cortex. He currently writes the webcomic Larp Trek, records the fortnightly horror movie kibitzing-and-discussion podcast We Have Such Films To Show You with co-host Yakov Grinberg, and has made a lot of weird stuff on the web like Garkov, Mapstalgia, Previously On The X-Files, and the William Carlos Williams generator. You can yell at him on twitter @joshmillard.

~ . ~

2e32a08Jesse Holden is just this guy, you know. He hangs out on Metafilter as churl, co-hosts the movie-discussion podcast In The Cut, and makes one hell of a Manhattan.