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We Have Such Films To Show You (iTunes link) is a fortnightly horror flick discussion between Crapshooter Josh Millard and cohost Yakov Grinberg (known to some as griphus on Metafilter), wherein they’re spending a couple of hours each episode taking a maybe-too-close look at the cinematic details and thematic continuities and plotting/directing/editing head-scratchers of, among other horrory things, all nine films in the Hellraiser franchise.

– Josh also records a monthly Metafilter podcast with two of his coworkers, Mefi founder Matt Haughey and Vermont librarian ninja Jessamyn West. It’s pretty inside baseball a lot of the time, but if you like hearing people talk about cool posts on a cool website with some great music by site members, you might dig it!

– Jesse Holden produces and hosts In The Cut (iTunes link), a genre-waltzing cinematic post-mortem discussion with cohost Eran Haas and the occasional guest host (who is sometimes Josh).  So far covering everything from the Robocops to Holy Motors, In The Cut returned for its second season in early 2015.

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– Josh is a big fan of Comedy Bang! Bang!, a weekly comedy discussion and improv show hosted by Mr. Show alum Scott Aukerman; enjoys Chris Hardwick and co’s amiable bullshitting on Nerdist; listens to Paul Scheer and friends gut awful films on How Did This Get Made? and keeps up with comedy giant (seriously, he’s like 6′ 8″ or something) Brian Posehn get Gygax with it on the tabletop RPG podcast Nerd Poker.

– Jesse likes many of the usual suspects – the standard-bearers Welcome to NightvaleThis American Life, 99% Invisible, HarmontownThe Moth, Stuff You Should Know, Roderick on the Line, Reply All, and My Brother, My Brother and Me hopefully need no introduction. For screenwriting, you can’t beat John August’s Scriptnotes, for movie reviews he’s partial to F This Movie!, Apple and tech is served wonderfully between John Gruber’s The Talk Show and the Accidental Tech Podcast (but pour one out for the beloved Hypercritical), and Idle Thumbs is a video game podcast so well-done you don’t even have to care about video games to enjoy it. And while you’re at it, you also shouldn’t miss the occasionally-updating Mike and Tom Eat Snacks.

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