Episode 39: The Cold November Rain On Stardew Valley

bradsucks_2016-Mar-16We’re thrilled to welcome Brad back to the show for a deep dive on Stardew Valley. On the way, we also touch on Moshow the Cat Rapper, Stovokor, Axl Rose, Bee and Puppycat, Kickstarter entitlement syndrome, Undertale disruption, Josh’s impending spin-off podcast Quarter Quorner, John Campbell, blind-fire delivering psychology services, a series of tweets that Jesse never got over, veterinary rackets, Andre Agassi, getting involved in an ass tattoo, signatures versus Signature signatures, living in the formative and evolutionary age of video games, and what kind of murderer you would be.

3 thoughts on “Episode 39: The Cold November Rain On Stardew Valley

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    Comment # 2
    Love u Brad!

  3. Ryan Blue

    Such a great podcast! I’ve been listening to podcasts for years but this was a real treat. I’m a HUGE Brad Sucks fan so thanks for having him on. Keep em coming.

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