Episode 41: Branches in my Mind Tree

We welcome one-time pinch-hitter co-host Jessamyn West back for a strange format-breaking mash-up episode. Scramble to keep the conversational branches straight in your Mind Tree as we blur the lines between podcast and mixtape, featuring such inadvertently self-referential conversational tracks as threaded comments, date/time confusion, drug experimentation, and editing a podcast into vignettes — as well as marginally less-meta subjects as jury duty, chicken coops, and what the damn deal is with “milquetoast”.

3 thoughts on “Episode 41: Branches in my Mind Tree

  1. Enjoyable! You eliminated trivia entirely!

    • jesse

      I know! We had a wonderfully fun trivia showdown to cap it all off, which I made ultra-detailed notes about during & after, but which I just could not find a way to make work in the edit. Was a worthy experiment that I will learn from & deploy in a more podcast-friendly way next time. (Historical footnote: Jessamyn won)

  2. wheelieman

    The Librarian always wins

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