Episode 36: Kind of a Mandelbrot Western

Another episode recorded next to a loud furnace, this time you can find us hollering about hug dynamics, vocal fry, bad recording technique, the “that’s my new band name” joke, statistically unlikely colocations, Hawaiian vacation, solemnizing weddings, a meta-conversation about podcast topics, thank you for contacting metafilter, Jesse’s surprise award-winning childhood, Dune, Star Wars Machete Order revisited, and, unsurprisingly, Star Trek.

Alternate episode titles:
36: Pull the Ripcord
36: Like a Shitty Magellan
36: Until That Joke Gets Tired Five Years Ago
36: I Have Pain In My Panis
36: Getting Either Real or Lost
36: Boobs McGee in the Catsuit
36: Deus Max Zackzina
36: A Coherent Manifold of Skin
36: He’s a Hugger

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