Episode 4: How Many Eggs Is A Deviled Egg?

On right after One, Two, Three, Foooore! Golf For Beginners, it’s our fourth episode of The Crapshoot, with Josh and Jesse kibitzing about a whole cornucopia of topics: being bad at multitasking, delusions of grandeur, accidental Vincent Price impressions, how cats are stupider than people, accidentally racist pre-tweens, pop culture spoilers vs. directors’ cuts, making eggs inside toast holes, corner pocket cup holders, stealing fortune cookies, etc.

Music this time is a couple more short songs from Josh’s old Aural Times project: It’s A Terrible Mistake, Says Pyleva, and Court: Hallucinogenic Tea OK.


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Josh does things! Like podcasts. See this site's About page, no need to repeat it all here!

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