Episode 5: Two Jesses From Ukiah

Jesse Brennan On right after math quiz podcast One In A Million, this is our Jesses From Ukiah special, with our guest this time being Jesse Brennan, a now-Portlander from the same California hometown as co-host Jesse Holden.

We dig into sketchy yardsale recording setups, improvised art, the merits of reaching vs. grasping creatively, Brennan’s Frope, It’s Not Saturday project, dealing with internet comments, computers as consumption vs. creation devices, the torture of remembering that you forgot an idea, post-project depression, pirate radio, and, sure, cloacae, why not.

We also talk about several of Brennan’s creative projects, of which, links: Coffee Critics, an animated short in which Holden briefly appears as well; HANGIN OUT WITH TROUT with Captain Marty; Eggs on America; and the big one, which juuuust finished up its second season between when we recorded this and when we’re posting it, Frope, It’s NOT Saturday!

Music this time out is a couple of Chippy & CuddleBug songs by Brennan: Blood and Vacation Song.


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