Episode 3: Beering it up with Brad “Brad Sucks” Turcotte

bradsucks_bw This time on The Crapshoot (airing right after the debut/finale episode of the Words That Rhyme With Orange podcast), we sit down with an actual Canadian, visiting Ottowan musician Brad Turcotte, who has for years now been making catchy-as-hell music under the moniker Brad Sucks.

We managed to snag Brad for some beers and BSing on his very first visit to Portland, in town for the second ever XOXO conference; we ply him for thoughts on his musical career, his coding projects from back in the day, dealing with anxiety through creative work and vice versa, the nature of fandom and fanbases, David Bowie, Robo Taco, where in Star Wars Machete Order the Battle of Endor and other spinoff episodes belong, and just what’s so great about having the higher ground if you’re an angry guy with a laser sword.

Music this time is a couple of tracks from Brad, the classic Making Me Nervous and his recent Bowie cover Soul Love.


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One thought on “Episode 3: Beering it up with Brad “Brad Sucks” Turcotte

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