Episode 7: Lost In Time And Space

This week (right after the 80s sitcom nostalgiacast Whatcha Walken About, Willis), Josh and Jesse sit down sans guest to talk about, among other things: “hipster” as an aesthetic category vs. hipster as an insult, Cold Smoke Scotch Ale from Missoula, Montana, creative freedom and creative paralysis, Josh’s Ferengi Express game project, contemporary free-to-play games as an evolution of 80s arcade coin-guzzler mechanics, Deep Space Nine, the high cost of high warp, the danger of concretizing units in a poorly-fleshed-out sci-fi universe, and a harrowing personal story unfit to even describe here.

Music this time: Josh’s freshly-recorded cover of the difficult-to-attribute youtube mantra It’s Okay To Not Like Things, and an old Aural Times news-song of his called AT&T To Acquire Bellsouth.


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6 thoughts on “Episode 7: Lost In Time And Space

  1. jesse

    Josh 1:11:10 – “Touché. I will interrupt you no more.”
    Josh 1:11:18 – *interrupts*

    • Touché

      • Trek and waxing, to boldly go should have been the title.

        • jesse

          To boldly go where no man should.

        • jesse

          ALTERNATE JOKE: “To bald-ly go”

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