Episode 17: Eran Haas Is A Serious Enabler

After a bit of a delay, The Crapshoot is back (right after the fake podcast The Fake Podcast) with special guest and friend Eran Haas, also the regular In The Cut cohost. Conversational topics include (but are not limited to (and in no particular order)):

Eran– the champagne of beers
– return on investment w/r/t free beer
– cardigans
– burrito ingredients
– bourbon
– just beer, like, generally
– neuroses
– teddy bears
– stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
– a Sisyphean undertaking in television calibration
cookie clicker, candy box, frog fractions, and frog fractions 2
– social expectations for seven-year-olds
Larp Trek
– unsubscribing from the podcast
– the secret of website moderation finally revealed
– beer


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One thought on “Episode 17: Eran Haas Is A Serious Enabler

  1. jesse

    Reposting a comment here from user Danny:

    Hi, I’m a periodic listener to your show , thought I’d leave a comment here, not sure if you’d end up reading this or not but here goes…

    I really like listening to your show, the main reason I haven’t left something on iTunes is because I don’t have an account with them and I can’t get into the site using Android which is my main source of use for the Internet, damn overly restrictive Apple company placing unnecessary obstacles for Android devices.
    I love Apple as much as android but that’s besides the point, anyway..

    let’s see, some input on your show…

    On the positive side of things, you guys are funny, intellectual, bring up some rather unearthed information I’ve never heard before. The atmosphere seems relaxed, nothing appears forced. I think the drinking loosens you guys a little especially towards the end of each podcast when you’ve had more alcohol in your system (not necessarily drunk) and the conversations become more direct and mentally tangible, not meaning what goes on before that is bad , I mean that there seems to be a shift between the first half and the second half probably alcohol induced.

    Some constructive criticisms-
    New episodes are very sporadic and don’t have a schedule or come out late. as a listener , we go back to check our favorite podcasts and when I check for new episodes of the crap shoot, there barely ever isn`t one compared to some of the other podcasts I listen to. This may cause people to slowly dwindle away and eventually forget to check back.

    Another thing, this isn’t to be taken to heart, but sometimes when you have guests the show takes on a different ambient than when its just the two of you. In the sense that it appears like the engagement between everyone is totally different and almost seems like it should be an entirely different show which tends to bridge on more professional rather than relaxed. Maybe mixing up an episode with just the two of you the first half and a guest the second half would fix that, or mixing up the episodes where theres no particular necessity to have a guest every other episode but instead have a guest or two this week and maybe next week and an episode without and vice versa when it comes to the both of you.

    Hope and wish you well.

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