Episode 16: Don’t Let This Be a Figment of a Fever Paula Deen

Coming up on the tail of The Frugal Floutist, it’s episode 16 of The Crapshoot! This time, we talk about: having a cold, the aesthetics and classism of beer cans vs bottles, how to design bad t-shirts, binaural recordings, erudition, beer rhythm aka beer something, getting hung up on the idea of doing a thing instead of just doing it, crapchutes, and Jesse’s excellent rhino joke.

Crowd participation question: what do you call the moon of a moon?

Music this time out: the long-awaited, breath-bated, can’t-be-overstated arrival of round two of songs Josh recorded based on listener reviews of the podcast on iTunes. Want your own song? Go review us on iTunes!


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