Episode 27: Pay a Little Attention to Your Scenario

brutalistAfter a post-game interview with Darmok runs over a little into our time slot, join your hosts for a couple Modelos Especial and a chat about suddenly-appearing piles of foam, knee reversal surgery, body dysmorphia and horror, lucid dreaming, blood and skeletons, and, finally, sprint with us through a bunch of loose video game chatter, touching on Twenty, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Plants vs Zombies co-op, Guacamelee!, Lego game series, Sportsfriends, Mount Your Friends, QWOP, Nidhogg, Bedhogg, and Street Fighter.

Music courtesy of Josh, as always — this episode features his Golden Age cover and (I Don’t Know If I Love You But) I Like Like You A Lot.

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