Episode 23: Ghosts on the E.T. Ride

Skip Worthington returns to attempt another Dungeons & Dragons Adventure, this time with a first-time adventurer. Afterward, it’s part 2 of our Crapshoot double episode, aka Episode 22B, aka Hellbanned from Podcasting, wherein we discuss halloween, compare Universal Studios to Enchanted Forest, talk beer, and solicit input on Jesse’s soon-to-be-announced-if-all-goes-well podcast network.

Music is two genre-shifters from Josh: Margaritahell and Subterranean Homesick Dylan

2 thoughts on “Episode 23: Ghosts on the E.T. Ride

  1. Yandiel

    Thanks for the shoutout between this episode and last episode, I have to say I’m shy *blushes* and fast forward the part where you mentioned my comment last episode hahahaha but that’s cool as hell, as far as the song choice it could be anything, maybe something Spanish-ish because I am Hispanic, not sure :-p
    Also speaking of which, you pronounced the name pretty well, but if you really want it to sound better, the “y” in the beginning is pronounced like a hard ‘j’ sound like in the word ‘judge’ so it’s actually pronounced ‘Djan-dyel’.

    I was insync with listening to this episode because go figure, I live near Orlando Florida and I used to work in Universal Studios islands of adventure when I was in high school, so I’m aware of some of the things Jesse was talking about. Universal Studios doesn’t have real roller coasters, the roller coasters are in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and there’s two roller coasters in sea world and there’s some intense rides in Disney as well as the Disney water parks and Wet n Wild. The lines are ridiculous, the reason why you end up watching videos is because they need to control the lines of people going through, and to distract you as you wait.

    And good luck to Jesse on his podcasting ideas, they sound really fun and interesting, I’d listen to them when they come out :-)

    • jesse

      The Man, The Legend! Yandiel I think this was this episode where I mixed part of your feedback with another message we got from another listener and I have to say I feel pretty dumb about it. So the good news is you have PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY if there’s anything in what I rattled off in the episode that you want to disown or claim (truthfully) wasn’t you!

      Otherwise THANKS for the pronunciation and thanks for the Universal insider info. Serendipity! And I’ll let everyone know when there’s more to report on the network stuff.

      Finally here is a SECRET LINK for Yandiel and everyone in the Yandiel fan club, here is tomorrow’s episode one day early! http://thecrapshoot.net/podcasts/crapshoot-24-150407-eran-haas.mp3

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