Episode 29: North Albertsons, Alaska

After game 3 of the 27th Annual Tic Tac Toe World Championships, Josh and Jesse shoot crap about the Skype dynamic, washing machines, free cocaine, road stories, dreams, the various purposes of human communication, and Fallout Shelter. Jesse goes on far too long about the Metal Gear Solid series, and Josh delivers the most complete monologue about quarters you’ll hear this week. We fail to settle the issue of how to pronounce “Mefite”.

Music is from Josh’s theremin-heavy lo-fi cover of Where Is My Mind?

Episode 28: They Took All Your Numbers

jess.wSurprise co-host Jessamyn joins Jesse to talk about birthdays, traveling, California, roller derby, audio editing, phone scams, tech support, meetups, weddings, Jessamyn’s most recent wedding ceremony (metatalk), Gilligan’s Island, your town being in a lake, elections, motivations, a NYTimes article and Jessamyn’s Medium post that came from it, and of course access to technology and the digital divide.

Music is two too-good-to-pass-up jingles from Jessamyn: 251 Towns and Hey Google My Town’s in the Lake.