Episode 35: Sometimes You Salt the Wound

Jesse rambles about WebTV and CueCats, and Josh forgets his sister’s birthday, but GJ comes from nowhere to save the show when he’s spontaneously summoned to regale us with stories of undertaking, including how to ignobly bury a horse while the owner isn’t watching.

We again manage to hold off shouting about video games until the end of the show; this time running far over the time we tried to allot for a super-deep, spoiler-filled, beer-fueled dive into a major game mechanic and narrative choice in Metal Gear Solid V.

Episode 34: Fapstar and Other Electromechanical Games

We open a wormhole between The Crapshoot and We Have Such Films to Show You, stealing Pastor Yakov to talk about lightsabers, rats, New York and Russia, snowclones, Twitter bots, loanwords, the complicated Tengen / Atari / Nintendo relationship, Russian electromechanical games, the grunge speak hoax, and some also-ran sci-fi shows from our youth. We almost go one whole episode without bringing up an esoteric Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, but then we do.