Episode 25: Josh Popped a Squat at my Sister’s Wedding

An inaugural episode for our new recording venue, this episode finds us talking for quite some time about genetic algorithms and Josh’s Genetic Football project, and also Josh’s role transition at Metafilter. Along the way, we touch on genetic cars, a (theoretical (we hope)) Metafilter Markov Commenter Bot, site culture, My Pet Monster, Battle Action He-Man, and some pro tips for performing wedding ceremonies.

Music this go-around is a couple passages lifted from “Drunk Again” off Josh’s concept album Inchoatery.

Episode 24: D & D is Someone Breaking Your Heart

After the Scat Hour, join our intrepid hosts to learn (??) about lent, creative obligations, boxes of moldy skulls and spines, Josh’s twitter D & D character and D & D memories in general, naming podcast networks, whether Jesse has read Dune, and fractional staves. We’re delighted to be joined again for this episode by the inestimable Eran Haas, and the episode features three slightly older MeFi Music songs from Josh: Nathan Fillion’s Theme, Old Man, and Wicker Man.