Episode 18: Bros Scotching Bros

Airing this time after the subtle and sublime “That’s Beer In Your Eye” podcast, The Crapshoot returns with the same malarkey you’ve surely come to love and forgive us for, with Josh and Jesse spitballing about possibly-corporate-sponsored viral videos, video games and the growing renaissance of games that don’t revolve around point-and-kill mechanics or even around “fun” as a primary goal, necessarily, and about the upcoming XOXO 2014 conference which you, the listener, should confront us at, if you somehow remember/know what we look like and are also physically located in/at when the time comes and it is underway, by which I mean, again, XOXO 2014.

Oh, and Smirnoff Ice, which we cannot seem to find a way to shut up about.

Music this episode: two tracks off Josh’s band The Harvey Girls’ upcoming album, Complicated Lady. Help support the record by pre-ordering a copy of the LP, why dontcha?

Episode 17: Eran Haas Is A Serious Enabler

After a bit of a delay, The Crapshoot is back (right after the fake podcast The Fake Podcast) with special guest and friend Eran Haas, also the regular In The Cut cohost. Conversational topics include (but are not limited to (and in no particular order)):

Eran– the champagne of beers
– return on investment w/r/t free beer
– cardigans
– burrito ingredients
– bourbon
– just beer, like, generally
– neuroses
– teddy bears
– stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
– a Sisyphean undertaking in television calibration
cookie clicker, candy box, frog fractions, and frog fractions 2
– social expectations for seven-year-olds
Larp Trek
– unsubscribing from the podcast
– the secret of website moderation finally revealed
– beer